Lambs   is   a   Finnish   heavy   metal   band   whose   songs   comprise a   unique   mix   of   metal,   rock   and   punk.   The   members   of   this dynamic trio are A. Lindholm (g,v), Tommy (b,v) and Timo (d). Lambs   was   formed   in   the   winter   of   1994.   The   original   line-up was   A.   Lindholm   in   guitar   and   vocals,   Tommy   in   bass   and Hautsi   playing   drums.   Before   long,   Lambs   started   to   record their   own   rehearsals   with   a   4-tracker.   This   method   helped the   band   to   continuously   improve   their   act   and   it   is   still   in use, naturally with the help of modern technologies. Lambs   were   among   the   first   Finnish   bands   to   establish   their own   website   and   releasing   cd-r   demos   and   mp3s   in   late   90’s. In   1999,   Their   online   presence   was   noted   by   Sal   Canzonieri   of Electric   Frankenstein   who   quickly   helped   Lambs   to   sign   their first    recording    contract    with    an    American    label    Devil    Doll Records.    Lambs    released    two    albums    through    Devil    Doll Records. The   first   album   Lambs ”   was   released   in   2000   and   contained 3    demos    that    Lambs    had    recorded    in    1998    –    1999.    The second     album     Random     Radio”      was     released     in     2002. However,   the   album   was   never   officially   distributed   in   their home    turf,    Finland.    In    2003,    Lambs    signed    to    a    recently established    Finnish    label    Verikauha    records    and    released their third album “ Finis Fidei ”. The    fourth    Lambs    album    “  With    Every    Bullet    So    Far  ”    was released    by    UHO    Productions    in    2005.    The    album    was produced   by   a   famous   Finnish   produces   Hiili   Hiilesmaa,   who had    previously    produced    bands    such    as    HIM,    Sentenced, Waltari,   Apocalyptica   and   Babylon   Whores.   “  Twist   of   Pain ”   is the   fifth   Lambs   album,   it   was   recorded,   mixed   and   mastered by    Lambs    in    their    own    Boat    Island    Studios    and    UHO productions   released   it   in   2008.   This   album   introduces   a   new Lambs line-up, with Timo replacing Hautsi as a drummer. In   2008,   Lambs   noted   that   they   had   everything   required   for writing,    recording    and    publishing    high    quality    music    and thus,   chose   to   continue   their   adventures   as   an   independent band.   The   first   independent   release   was   Live   at   the   Boat Island   Studios   2008 ”,   where   Lambs   perform   their   older   songs in     their     own     studio     located     in     the     premises     of     the Reindeershit   MC.   This   studio   live   was   released   as   a   DVD   and supported   with   an   internet   only   album.   The   similar   concept was   reproduced   for   Live   at   the   Boat   Island   Studios   2010”    to support the following Lambs studio album. “Short   on   Leash   and   Still   Running”   is   the   sixth   studio   album from   Lambs   and   it   was   released   in   2011.   In   2013,   Lambs released   an   internet   only   EP   Short   on   outtakes”    featuring tracks    recorded    during    the    previous    session.    The    EP    also includes   the   title   track   for   Short   on   Leash   and   Still   Running. The   seventh   Lambs   album   is   Electric   Lie”    and   it   was   released in   2014.   This   album   was   followed   by,   the   2017   release   “  They Live   You   Sleep ”   which   is   the   eighth   full   length   Lambs   studio album. In   addition   to   their   own   releases   Lambs’   songs   have   been featured   in   various   compilations   and   in   several   xtreme   sports videos   and   TV   specials.   The   members   of   Lambs   have   also been   very   active   in   their   own   musical   careers   releasing   music with   various   hard-hitting   bands   including   for   example,   The Duskfall   (A.   Lindholm),   Horse   Face   Dog   (A.   Lindholm   &   Timo), The   Ultimate   Punishment   Mobile   (Tommy   &   Timo),   The   Howl and Küroishi (Timo).
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